Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process!

Manufacturing process of notebooks can be broadly classified into two different types i.e., Manual manufacturing  or Manufacturing by Automatic notebook manufacturing machines.

In manual process, all the stages of notebook manufacturing are done manually and then assembled into a notebook before its final cutting and finishing. It involves the following processes: Cover printing, ruling of pages, counting of pages, assembling the book block, pinning and final cutting of books.

“Shruti Notebooks” are manufactured in a fully automatic, state of the art notebook manufacturing machine of “Lineomatic Graphics”. It is among the most advanced and latest machine for notebook manufacturing.

State of the Art 6 Color Komori Printing Machine
State of the Art 6 Color Komori Printing Machine
Fully Programmable Guillotine Machine (Cutting machine)
Fully Programmable Guillotine Machine (Cutting machine)

There are two Insert sections in the machine, one each for inserting Covers and Index. These two insert sections are fed with the required notebooks covers and indexes as desired. It can manufacture different sizes and ruling types.

Counting & Folding Machine

Then the machine is set for the ruling type and size of notebooks. Once all the settings are made, the machine is ready to manufacture the notebooks. It involves the processes of Ruling, Counting, Inserting Index and Covers, Pinning, Folding, Back Squaring and Final Cutting of Notebooks. The machine has the capacity to manufacturing upto 5 nos. of notebooks in every cycle.

Delivery Section of Lineomatic-Fully Automatic Notebook making machine

In the feeder side jumbo paper reels are fed and in the delivers section ready to use notebooks are manufactured in a single process

Feeder Section of Lineomatic-Fully Automatic Notebook making machine

Shruti Notebooks  are then ready to be packed and dispatched. The packing is again done by a fully automatic shrink packing machines and other sealing and strapping machines. The notebooks are packed in latest style and road worthy packages so that there is no damage during their transportation.

Lamination Machine is used for lamination of covers to increase the longevity and quality of covers

The whole manufacturing process is done with latest machinery in a dust free environment. Heavy material handling equipments are also used as required to reduce wastages and save on costs. The designing of the notebook covers is done by experienced designers to provide users with an unique experience and product which is both good in terms of quality and technology. Special care is taken towards continuous improvement in quality of the notebooks and content of covers. A dedicated Design and Quality Control team works continuously towards it.

Automatic Cartoon sealing machine for Packing of Cartoons
Automatic Cartoon sealing machine for Packing of Cartoons

Our motto is growth through continuous and sustainable quality improvement.